Bolognaise with potato bake topping


Got some leftover potato bake???


I made up a batch of bolognaise sauce, cooked up some pasta and tossed it in a casserole dish – topped with the leftover potato bake.  I sprinkled some extra grated cheese over the top and baked it in the oven for about 20mins until the cheese was melted and voila!!!  Yummm…



Quick salami pizza

Another quick recipe…

Use your favourite salami for this one.  I used hungarian salami coz it was in the fridge!!


1 flour tortilla

bbq sauce

grated tasty cheese


Spread some bbq sauce over the tortilla, then top with cheese.  Spread your salami over the top of the cheese (this ensures the salami cooks right through).  I added a few chunks of havarti cheese over the top but it’s not neccesary (again, it was in the fridge!).  Pop in the oven on about 230 degrees C.  I use a pizza stone as it makes the base nice and crisp.  Cook until the cheese is all bubbly and enjoy!!!

Note: salami is quite oily – you will see a layer of oil over the top of the pizza.  If you want to get rid of it, let the pizza rest for a few minutes and then tip to allow the oil to drain off.  Don’t do this straight away or you’ll probably see the cheese and salami go with!!!  Alternatively, you could dab it lightly with some paper towel…