Chicken meatballs

Not yet cooked… Ready for the freezer

This is the first time I’ve made these and they turned out pretty well.  The beauty of meatballs or rissoles etc is that you don’t really have to stick to a recipe – just get the consistency right and include certain ingredients that bind them together and they will turn out beautifully every time.

When it comes to freezing meatballs, what I usually do is mix them up, then roll into balls (dampen your hands with water before rolling – they will roll so much easier).  I then pop them onto a tray lined with baking paper then pop them into the freezer for about half an hour to harden slightly.  Then I can pop them into a freezer bag and they won’t stick together in a bit of a gluggy mess.  All I have to do before cooking, is take out the amount I want to cook and cook them!

I usually would add some grated onion to meatballs – but I had run out!


Chicken meatballs

500g chicken mince

1 small potato, grated

1/2 carrot, grated

1 clove garlic, chopped

1/2 teaspoon ginger (out of the jar)

1 squirt of chilli paste

1/4 cup hoi sin sauce

1 egg

salt & pepper



Combine all the ingredients, mixing in enough breadcrumbs to form a mix that will roll into balls.  Roll the mixture into balls – I usually use about a big teaspoon full, but you can do larger if you want big meatballs or rissoles.  If freezing, pop them onto a tray (as per instructions above).  To cook, preheat a pan with some olive oil about 1-2cm deep.  Cook meatballs in batches, turning until cooked and the meatballs have turned a lovely dark caramel colour.



What to do with the meatballs?  Lots of options of course, limited only by your imagination.

Appetizers with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

You could serve them on a bed of mash drizzled with some chicken gravy

I heated a can of tomato and basil soup, cooked a cake of dried noodles and mixed them in a bowl topped with the chicken meatballs… Very delish!


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