Simple vegie frittata


I love frittatas – they are so simple to make and always tasty…

I often freeze them in portions (hubby doesn’t do eggs!).  They’re great to take into work when I sleep in and don’t have time for breakfast before I go!!

The basic egg mix I use is 2-3 eggs, a bit of milk, salt and pepper and some parmesan cheese.

The filling is up to you.  The one above had some potato, sweet potato, roasted pumpkin, peas and bacon.  Feta cheese is a fantastic addition if you have it.

Basic frittata – heat your vegies of choice in a frypan, mix together the egg mix and pour over the top of the vegies.  Cook on medium or a little lower (depending on your stove) until the egg is mostly cooked through.  Top with some grated cheese and pop under the grill to finish cooking.

This can also be done in the oven.    Just pop everything into your dish and cook in a moderate oven until done.


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