Wedding cake for dummies

When hubby and I got married a couple of years back, we did it on a budget…  After looking at prices of wedding cakes, I decided I could easily save a hundred bucks by doing it myself.  And I was pretty happy with the results!

So, I got a couple of packets of Green’s Mud Cake mix and premade these and froze them.  The day before our wedding I defrosted them.  I sliced off the top to make them both flat, then used some sugar water to paste them together.  I then covered them in the icing (Orchid White Icing in a packet – rolled out) using more sugar water and a bit of warmed apricot jam spread all over the cake to stick.  Once that all came together, I trimmed the edges and placed it on a nice shiny silver cake board.  The ribbons I got from a news agent and the silver rings and deco came from Spotlight!  All up the cake came to about $25.

I do have a lovely recipe for a choc mud cake – but at the time decided a cake mix was better as it consistently turns out every time and my cake recipe has on occasion come out a little too dry due to a temperamental oven!


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