Quick salami pizza

Another quick recipe…

Use your favourite salami for this one.  I used hungarian salami coz it was in the fridge!!


1 flour tortilla

bbq sauce

grated tasty cheese


Spread some bbq sauce over the tortilla, then top with cheese.  Spread your salami over the top of the cheese (this ensures the salami cooks right through).  I added a few chunks of havarti cheese over the top but it’s not neccesary (again, it was in the fridge!).  Pop in the oven on about 230 degrees C.  I use a pizza stone as it makes the base nice and crisp.  Cook until the cheese is all bubbly and enjoy!!!

Note: salami is quite oily – you will see a layer of oil over the top of the pizza.  If you want to get rid of it, let the pizza rest for a few minutes and then tip to allow the oil to drain off.  Don’t do this straight away or you’ll probably see the cheese and salami go with!!!  Alternatively, you could dab it lightly with some paper towel…


Wedding cake for dummies

When hubby and I got married a couple of years back, we did it on a budget…  After looking at prices of wedding cakes, I decided I could easily save a hundred bucks by doing it myself.  And I was pretty happy with the results!

So, I got a couple of packets of Green’s Mud Cake mix and premade these and froze them.  The day before our wedding I defrosted them.  I sliced off the top to make them both flat, then used some sugar water to paste them together.  I then covered them in the icing (Orchid White Icing in a packet – rolled out) using more sugar water and a bit of warmed apricot jam spread all over the cake to stick.  Once that all came together, I trimmed the edges and placed it on a nice shiny silver cake board.  The ribbons I got from a news agent and the silver rings and deco came from Spotlight!  All up the cake came to about $25.

I do have a lovely recipe for a choc mud cake – but at the time decided a cake mix was better as it consistently turns out every time and my cake recipe has on occasion come out a little too dry due to a temperamental oven!

Italian herb rissoles

Sorry folks, no photo…  And this my first recipe post!!

This is one I made up on the spot.  I’ve been cooking rissoles since I was a kid (rissoles were a staple meal in my family – a good way to get kids to eat their veges according to my mum and dad!).  Anyways, here it comes – you will have to use your imagination.

– Packet of beef mince (about 500g or thereabouts)

– fresh chopped rosemary

– a couple of shallots, thinly sliced

– a squirt of mild chilli from the tube

– a generous squirt of italian herbs (tube)

– a teaspoon of sundried tomato pesto

– a bit of grated cheese (I used Havarti)

– 1 egg

– salt & pepper to taste

– enough breadcrumbs to bring it all together

Just mix it all together (use your hands and it will come together nicely).  Roll into balls and flatten out.  Put aside for a good 10mins before cooking.  If I have time, I stick them in the fridge for 20mins before cooking – they are less likely to fall apart during cooking.

I handed them to hubby to cook on the weber!

We served these with some crispy bacon, roasted pumpkin, crispy potatoes and steamed carrots and broccoli.

They were very tasty – only I think next time I would add a little minced veg (potato, onion) to lighten them up.

As there was only 2 of us, I only made enough for us.  They freeze well, so you could cook them all.  I made the leftover mince mixture into little meatballs and froze them (uncooked).  These are tasty enough to serve as finger food on their own.

Hello world!

Hmmm, where to start…  Well, I love to cook and I have literally hundreds of recipes – not that I’ve actually tested them all.  I’ve attempted to start 3 or 4 cookbooks – which usually involves hours of typing or writing and never lasts (or the book fills up or gets dirty).  I thought that a blog would be a great place to store all my favourite recipes and also share my successes (and failures!!!)…

I have attempted blogs before – never really lasted all that long, so we’ll see how this goes.

I am just a regular everyday home cook.  I have no aspirations whatsoever to be the next MasterChef!  I believe simple food cooked well will always win over some fancy dish slaved over for hours…  Just ask any bloke whether he’d prefer Mum’s lamb roast over dinner in a fancy restaurant – I know Hubby and all my brothers would go for the roast!

I am going to attempt to take photos of the dishes for you to check out – but don’t expect pics like you’d see in a mag.  I’m not into making my food look pretty.  What sort of recipes you ask?  A bit of everything – meals, cakes, biscuits, desserts.  As I said before – nothing fancy, just home cooking…

Hope you enjoy the recipes to come!